We understand the kind of potential that email marketing has for most companies and entrepreneurs in the world. This is why we have collated some of the best email marketing software programs on the internet to help aspiring and successful companies and entrepreneurs explore the true scope of mass mailing.

Built in Email Templates and designs : You can choose any email template from the list to get started creating your email. You can design, edit templates and personalize your emails. With our mass mailing software, you will be able to compose beautiful emails that convert — that create real profit.

Email Campaign Creation: Our bulk mail software makes it amazingly easy. You can create customizable web forms for your site to let your users subscribe in a few clicks; then record all collected data in one or more lists, to which you can send separate messages.

Campaign Reporting: We offer a free email stats service which tracks your campaigns and lets you check the email's open rate, the click-through rate and many other relevant metrics. From the statistics tab you can see exactly who opened your email and when. View the data as a visually appealing bar chart or as a data table with more detail. You can view the open rate report for the last 7 days, last 30 days, last year or even a custom date range.


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