Lifestyle is an online market research manager. It helps you to gather as much knowledge/information about a target audience, product or target market as possible. A lifestyle is an advanced form of market research because of its velocity, high research performance and internationalization. All the information that you gather, lifestyle will help you to manage that information and store them for your future reference.

How does it work?

Similar to market research, online market research falls into primary and secondary research as well. secondary research is not built on own data, it falls back to pre-existing data on the internet. For example search engines, databases or information sites. Primary research, on the other hand, builds its own data. primary research in reactive and non-reactive methods. Reactive methods in the context of online market research are online surveys, online observations and online focus groups. Online case studies and online panels belong to non-reactive methods. Being an Online market research manager, Lifestyle works on a simple algorithm of research and data storage. Any research whether it be secondary or primary Lifestyle will help you to find them and store those data.

User Panels -

- Affiliate

- Admin

  • Add,Edit and delete survey campaigns.
  • Easy to use IFRAME for specific survey campaign.
  • Fully customized survey questions with dependency.
  • Question wise reporting module.
  • Send positive leads to advertiser with one click via Email, FTP, API.
  • Export leads in Excel and CSV.


Market Research us the most basic yet important concept to run any business. Knowing about the market, the competitors, the customer, the market trends, should be any business's first priority. But maintaining such research is hard when you don't adapt to technology. Lifestyle helps you to Maintain, manage and store all the data of your market research. this helps you to know your market and its audience deeply. Lifestyle helps you to store all your data of market research safely so that you can preview it whenever you want to. It also helps you to reach a large number of participants. International market research becomes easier. lifestyle is very cost effective and user-friendly manager.


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