Ping tree is a term of software, which is being used in online lead generation. It is the lead distribution software. In this way, this system is relevant to send a lead to different buyers in real-time.

This ping tree software will make you able to get more chances to have approvals on your generated leads. As we maintain the largest panel of buyers. If you are able to generate quality leads for helping us to convert them into accepted leads easily from our buyers, then, you will get an appropriate commission for every lead.

This software provides you real-time analysis reports and statistics for having a record of your every precious lead. You can expect this software to send your leads to wide-ranging buyers.

This tree has a simple way to distribute leads in the order of the buyer, paying the highest commission. Essentially, when any consumer fills his/ her details on the website, then it goes to different buyers immediately. Afterwards, our affiliates get a commission on accepted leads. This Ping tree is an innovative and advanced way in the field of lead generation.

User Types -

- Admin

- Affiliates

  • Online IFrame Form code generator.
  • Lead Capture through Iframe..
  • Complete Affiliate Program with IFRAME and API options.
  • Complete lead reporting panel for admins and affiliates.
  • Export leads in excel and csv
  • option to add lenders and affiliates in system.
  • Affiliate - Lender mapping as per tier.


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